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7 Reasons to Workout With A Friend

7 Reasons to Workout With A Friend

By Geoff Robison | In News | on March 28, 2017

Working out is always a struggle for everyone. You don’t have time, my dog ate my pilates mat…there’s an excuse here and an excuse there. Well, a solution to all these “excuses” that everyone is guilty of having is quite simple; work out with friends! Don’t believe it? Sounds too simple to work? Or, is it just simple enough?


Working out with friends requires accountability

That is probably the biggest benefit of working out with a friend. If Saturday morning rolls around and you are really struggling to get to the gym because you were out late last night, you worked all week, your bed is “soooo comfy”; how many times have you muttered, “I’ll work out later”; we’ve all been there. If you are taking a spin or yoga class with a friend; or have scheduled to work out with the girls, you are more likely to get out of bed, put on your gym clothes and head to the gym. Why? Because if you bail on the gym you’re not only bailing on working out, you’re letting your laziness let your friends down.


Working out with friends or a significant other is motivation

You think you can’t lift 10 more lbs? You can’t run anymore? You want to GIVE UP? Thankfully you brought your own cheerleading squad that is there to help motivate you to keep going and push yourself to do better. They encourage you, just be sure to return the favor!

Working out with friends means two-person exercises

You may have been going to the gym with your phone as your partner, and thought you were getting the most out of your time there. This is all about to change once you throw a friend into the mix or a significant other. Partner push-ups, partner sit-ups; you’ll wonder why you ever went alone!


Working out with friends is a competition or challenge

It’s no secret that working out is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you go with a group of friends you can make it fun, not just by gossiping about Celebrity News but rather by challenging each other. Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition? Before you know it you are running way more than you expected; getting in shape and having a great time.


Working out with friends is avoiding the rut

MSN Lifestyle says the biggest benefit of working in a group is “avoiding the rut”. Statistically people who work out alone get stuck in the same patterns and same routines. Throwing a few new faces into the mix means your routine will change which is good for your body. This is simply because if you are working on the same moves with no change or challenge your muscles will grow accustomed to this pattern of exercise. If you want results, whether it be strength training or weight loss, you need to challenge your body with different exercises.


Working out with friends means avoiding fitness related injuries

With a friend, you always have a spotter. Working out with friends will lead to a lot less trips to the ER because you accidentally dropped a weight on yourself. However, though personal injury is less in a group; safe to say a group workout is where emotional injury thrives. You put 40 somethings, chatting on spin bikes for an hour about the single life; do’s and don’ts of dating then the hot yoga instructor walks by–one of you will end up asking him out. Prepare the tissues, in case of emotional injury.

Working out with friends makes you happier

At the risk of emotional injury, all jokes aside, one huge benefit of working out in a group is the happiness factor. Spending time with friends triggers dopamine doubled with the physical activity which brings out endorphins. A survey by MSN Lifestyle, surveyed 117 people working out in a gym. The survey asked the gym member, “what they were doing, who they were with, where they were, [and] how they were feeling”. The results “suggest that people enjoy physical activity more when they’re with their friends”.

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