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Are You As Old As What You Eat?

Are You As Old As What You Eat?

By Custom Kinetics | In News, Nutrition Tips | on March 4, 2016

Food is meant to provide nutrients for a body to sustain life, right? In this modern world we live in, where the most hunting we do is for the best sale, food has taken on various roles. We indulge in Physical Performance Trainingfood, we use it as a weapon, we use it as an emotional clutch, or as a hobby when we are bored. Food is no longer something we hunt for that is free of antibiotics, unnatural elements or lab-created additives. Food has changed, and so has the way we eat it; this is why we see so many more autoimmune diseases, allergies, and a domino effect of diseases that stem from poor food consumption.


Foods that AGE you (Advanced Glycation End –products) cause your body’s cells to lose functionality  in three, distinct ways:


Inflammation: Too many omega6s in your diet lead to overproduction of inflammatory compounds

Stress: a chronic overexposure to cortisol short circuits your body’s ability to control glucose and inflammatory compounds.

Direct Glycation: When your blood sugar is too high for too long


So, which foods are most likely to AGE you?

DITCH Partially Hydrogenated Oils: these are found in coffee creamer, cookies, margarine, and microwave popcorn.

CHOOSE Palm oil: palm oil has a much healthier metabolic profile and has a much lower inflammatory affect.


DITCH High Glycemic Foods: soda, energy drinks, white bread, sweetened cereal and chips cause your body to become insulin resistant.

CHOOSE Low Glycemic Foods: vegetables, legumes, and whole-kernel grains will naturally cut out the refined sugar as well, and are a much better option.  


photo-5Spaghetti Squash w/ Portobello Mushrooms and Tomato SauceDITCH Feast or Famine mentality: when you go too long between meals and snacks, your body will go into starve mode, causing you to overeat, or choose foods high in fat or sugar. Blood sugar spikes are linked to insulin resistance, a precursor to Type 2 diabetes as well.


CHOOSE Planned meals and snacks: making sure you eat at a steady pace all day will allow your body to process and digest the food slowly, keeping your body’s insulin levels normal.


The next time you come in for your workout, ask us for more detail on which foods are best for your overall goal. We are invested in your long-term health and want to help you understand what foods are best for you in the long run! 

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