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When is The Best Time to Workout?

When is The Best Time to Workout?

By Geoff Robison | In Fitness | on August 9, 2017

With our daily hustle and bustle, when is the best time to work out? Many experts believe that morning exercise has benefits that outweigh sweat sessions in the evening, while some feel that the opposite is true. Some professionals think working out in the middle of the day could be better when you’re the most awake. With research that backs up each claim, how do we know who’s right? To make things easier, we’ve rounded up the pros and cons of each time to find out for ourselves, the best time to workout. 


Morning Workouts

Rising early to exercise before or after breakfast comes with a variety of benefits. It helps someone build a habit to do fitness as their first task and get it done sooner as fatigue from work can lead to skipped sessions. Morning exercise also helps a person to avoid the crowds at exclusive classes or popular machines at the gym. With a fixed schedule set for the rest of day, there’s less time for people to mingle and clog up the floor for other users.


Another great perk for is benefits towards your nutrition and overall weight. By starting off the day with exercise, a person is more likely to follow through with a healthier breakfast and more water intake. By planning an earlier wake time to exercise, you’re more inclined to sleep sooner to prepare. As a result, you’ll be less likely to be drowsy the next day and consequently overeat. Lack of sleep makes stress and leptins rise by almost 28 percent which can lead to eating more than normal.


Lunch Break Exercise

When the clock strikes for lunch time, you could gain benefits from hitting the gym as well. From CEOs to college students, lunch time exercise is rising thanks to the boost it provides. When a person does short intensity workouts during this time, they can increase their calorie burn hours after the session and release a healthy dose of endorphins. More importantly, doing an activity that helps pump blood and increase your overall oxygen level helps make you more alert. That alertness does wonders for getting back to work and avoiding the 2 o’ clock energy dive that many experience.


Evening Sessions

On the flip side, working out later in day after work or dinner provides noteworthy benefits of its own. Instead of being drowsy or dizzy from being active first thing after waking up, a person who works out in the evening has time to fuel up and be fully awake for a tough sweat session. One study found that during the later hours, the strength of our muscles peak meaning harder workers are easier to accomplish. Another mental benefit of a later work out is that it helps relieve any stress or anxiety built up from the day. Whether you dealt with a difficult boss, argument with a friend, or was sidetracked by traffic, you can let out your frustrations with your body and avoid going to bed angry.


The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, anytime you can fit a workout in is the best time to workout. It all comes down to what works for your schedule, when you’re most awake, and most wiling to be intensely active. Your metabolism or weight won’t be compensated no matter what time you choose to sweat. Luckily, gyms like Custom Kinetics can make fitting exercise sessions easier into your day. With a welcoming environment, they have professional trainers ready to help you stretch your limits and locker rooms so you can exercise at anytime. So strap on your work out shoes and head out the door, you’ll feel better once you do!




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