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Break A Leg! Mastering Your Workouts Without Injury

Break A Leg! Mastering Your Workouts Without Injury

By Geoff Robison | In Fitness | on March 5, 2018

Break A Leg! Mastering Your Workouts Without Injury


At its best, working out is a part of your routine. Gym visits, training sessions, and taking better care of yourself can create a welcome pattern of wellness. But what happens when you feel pain as you squeeze in that last rep?


Training-related injuries can be painful and a serious threat to your health regimen – potentially knocking you off track and getting you out of the habit of working out.


Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to help avoid injury while training. For a quick guide, check out these suggestions from the personal training experts at Custom Kinetics.


Before You Begin….


It might seem like basic advice – because its true: warming up matters.


Think of this way—during your workout, you will likely put your body and muscles through some serious stress, maximizing effort to maximize results. You need to get your body ready to tackle the challenge!


That’s where warming up in all its forms comes in. From stretching to proper pre-workout hydration, giving your body the best foundation for success (and an injury free workout) just might begin before you ever set foot in the gym.


Form = Proper


Once you’ve stretched and probably already broken a sweat warming up, it can be tempting to blast through the workout ahead – focusing only the reps and sets you have yet to complete. Not so fast.


As discussed here by the experts at Harvard Medical School, one of the most common ways people injure themselves when working out is through improper form. This could mean completing a movement in a jerky motion, for example, or extending your range of motion too far.


Whatever the case, proper form usually means completing exercises in calm and controlled manner. For guidance, you may benefit from an individualized personal training approach.


Understand Your Limits


You’re blasting through your workout with your favorite song blaring through your headphones. You’re a monster!


While the adrenaline and endorphin rush of working out is certainly a reason to hit the gym, in some cases it can cause you to take dangerous risks.


A recent study conducted by a UK health organization found that overexertion was a major factor behind many training injuries. Individuals reported torn muscles and strained joints following workouts wherein they pushed through an extra set or experimented with higher amounts of weight.


The message? Push yourself wisely. Setting personal goals and records in the gym is important. But so is taking care of your body.


After You Finish


When you’ve left the gym or studio, it might be tempting to go home and collapse on the couch. But, following the habits of long distance runners, there is a hidden secret to preventing injury: recovery.


A well-rounded workout recovery plan usually involves an integrated approach to hydration, nutrition, and yes, rest.


A proper recovery regiment will allow your muscles to rebuild and set your body up for the next workout on your schedule.


Get Help From A Fitness Professional


If you are curious about working out or are looking to improve your pre-existing fitness plan, a consultation with a qualified personal trainer is in order!


At Custom Kinetics, a staff of expert trainers awaits. From nutrition and workouts to recovery and routines, the Custom Kinetics team can help.


Contact Custom Kinetics today to get started!







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