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Nutrition Tips ARCHIVE

  • Are You As Old As What You Eat?

    By Custom Kinetics | In News, Nutrition Tips | on March 4, 2016

    Food is meant to provide nutrients for a body to sustain life, right? In this modern world we live in, where the most hunting we do is for the best sale, food has taken on various roles. We indulge in food, we use it as a weapon, we use it as an emotional clutch, or […]

  • Fad Diets That Actually Backfire

    By Custom Kinetics | In News, Nutrition Tips | on February 22, 2016

    We all know that one person (or maybe, we ARE that one person??) You know that one, the one who’s on a different diet every other month, now it’s the cabbage soup diet, now it’s the Atkins diet, now it’s the potato diet; whatever the diet it doesn’t seem to last for very long and […]

  • Is Gluten Your Friend or Frenemy?

    By Custom Kinetics | In Nutrition Tips | on February 1, 2016

    Gluten has become the modern day villain with report after report of why it’s terrible and poisonous to your body. Well, there’s a little bit of truth to it, but news reports tend to leave out that it’s really bad for those with gluten sensitivities or allergies; autoimmune disorders, and other specific diseases. For the […]

  • Best Post-Workout Foods

    By Custom Kinetics | In Nutrition Tips | on January 29, 2016

    For some, the last thing you want to do after an especially hard and challenging workout is to gorge on the wrong foods. You put all that work into creating the perfect body do you really want to feed it junk? It is important to refuel appropriately to give the body what it needs to […]

  • Detoxing After The Holidays

    By Custom Kinetics | In Nutrition Tips | on January 11, 2016

    The holidays are officially over, and you may still be feeling a bit sluggish after all of the heavy foods you consumed over a 3 month period (many consider Halloween the official kick-off to bad eating choices). Even if you’ve resolved to work out more and eat better, you still have to flush out the […]

  • How Food Affects Mood

    By Custom Kinetics | In Nutrition Tips | on December 14, 2015

    As everyone knows, there’s a lot of indulgence and gluttonous behavior all month, but what you may not know or realize, is that that type of eating can affect your mood as well. You may find yourself slightly more depressed, find it a little more difficult to deal with stress, or have trouble sleeping. Of […]

  • Curb Cravings This Holiday Season

    By Custom Kinetics | In Nutrition Tips | on December 11, 2015

    This isn’t just the Holiday Season, or the Season for Giving, it’s also the Season of Endless Sweets; kicking off at Halloween, tapering off till Thanksgiving, then coming in with a vengeance and staying till the New Year. Your willpower is most challenged during this time of year, and it’s easy to fall into the […]

  • We’ve been conditioned to believe ‘Low-Fat’ or ‘Fat-Free’ foods are healthier choices, and ultimately, we should all be eating these foods to live healthier lives. Now we know that that couldn’t be further than the truth, and the truth is, we are actually contributing to serious health issues by consuming these misleading foods. But how […]

  • Jobs are stressful, no matter how you look at it. Sometimes we don’t get a good lunch break, if we get one at all, and most times we find ourselves eating in front of the computer, completely oblivious to the food we’re consuming. All of this is bad for our digestive system, and creates a […]

  • It’s no secret that there are certain foods out there specifically meant to make your older life miserable, but it’s easier said than done to cut out your daily snickers habit. Hard to believe this though, the snickers bar you’ve been hiding from your spouse on the daily (yes, we see everything) pales in comparison […]