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Choose the BEST Exercise Plan For YOU

Choose the BEST Exercise Plan For YOU

By Geoff Robison | In Fitness | on August 21, 2018

Choose the BEST Exercise Plan For YOU

This seems so simple. And there are thousands of people on the Internet and in magazines who will be glad to tell you what to do. Give you the perfect solution.  And so will I- the perfect exercise for you is the thing you will do.  I’d love to give you the secret but it’s no more complicated than that. 

I had a friend who always said he hated lifting weights.  He paid for a gym membership and never used it.  He would talk about how much he didn’t want to go etc.  I asked what he liked to do. Soccer, he loved to play soccer but now he didn’t have a team to go play with.  We talked about rather than going to the gym, go out and work on soccer skills for 20 minutes.  He loved it! He started going out in the yard juggling, dribbling, and just spending time being active. 

I happen to love lifting weights.  Physically there isn’t much I would rather do. In fact, lifting heavy weights regularly has put me in a position where (in my mid 40’s) I’m able to go play softball and hang with the folks in there 20’s and 30’s.  But the important thing in any workout is finding one that you will do and do it consistently. 

I believe that it is important to make sure you have an accountability partner.  A trainer can provide that but so can a group or partner.  Many people think, “let’s just have my loved one” be that person.  I would recommend trying to find someone other than them.  I say that because when a loved one is our accountability partner it sometimes feels like a nag. Or they may be more likely to let you off the hook.

Find someone you wouldn’t want to let down and do it.  For me sometimes it’s my kids…that is the real secret.

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