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Crunchy Food And Mindfulness 

Crunchy Food And Mindfulness 

By Custom Kinetics | In Nutrition Tips | on April 11, 2016

Admit it; the best part of a bag full of chips is that crunch. The best part of Cheetos and Doritos are the crunch. That’s why they say, “You can’t eat just one!” It’s true. Our brain lights up like a Christmas tree when it hears that internal crunch, which makes our bodies crave more. This reaction is like the 6th sense of food. And it unfortunately has an impact on how much (and what we choose) to eat.


“To learn more about its potential impact on our eating habits, Elder, together with his colleague Gina Mohr, an assistant professor of marketing at Colorado State University, conducted a series of experiments.


In one trial, one group of participants wore headphones playing loud music while they snacked on pretzels, and another wore headphones playing quiet music while they grazed. The result: The louder music disguised the sounds of mastication, and people in the first group ate more pretzels on average. In another experiment, the researchers found that when the participants simply imagined chewing noises they consumed less.” (source: www.news.health.com)


We’ve long said it’s important to be mindful of the food you eat. Watching TV while you eat, takes away your body’s ability to hear the sound of what you eat, causing you eat more than what you normally would eat. Being present in the sound of your chewing actually allows your body to correlate the sound to nutrition, sending a signal that it’s being fed, and soon, it will be nourished.  Not paying attention to your eating may cause you to eat a few more bites of food than you would have if you were paying attention, and it may not seem like much now, but over the course of a year, it can add up.


Now, the sound of crunch isn’t just about eating carrots over chips, it’s about the sound your body hears internally as you chew.  Which is why it’s so important to eat consciously.


Sometimes exercise isn’t enough; changing all aspects of your lifestyle is necessary for an overall healthy state of mind. Ask us during your consultation how you can change the way you see food,veg how you eat food, and what foods are best for you.  Our best interest is your overall health.

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