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The Truth About Detox Juicing

The Truth About Detox Juicing

By Geoff Robison | In Nutrition Tips | on August 16, 2017

Did You Know? The Truth About Detox Juicing 

The Truth about Detox Juicing 

The juice cleanse is everywhere and is attracting more people than ever who want weight loss, detoxification, and an immunity boost. Whether you’re watching TV, Youtube videos, or scrolling Facebook or Instagram, even influencers and celebrities alike are swearing by cleanses for looking their best. Although a natural juice is beneficial for your health, consuming only liquid for weeks can do far more harm than good.


The Myths of Detox Juicing

During a juice cleanse, a person consumes fresh fruit and veggie juices for a long period of time. The juices have to be all natural and unprocessed in order to qualify for the cleanse as well. In most cases, this diet provides only about 1,000 to 1,200 calories and little fat and protein for the body to survive on.

Many claims say that it’s an easy way to add more servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet, nutrition from these foods are more easily absorbed in juice form, and that you’ll be guaranteed to lose weight. Some sources even encourage that it can “magically” erase problems like weak bones, dull skin, and prevent the onset of disease.


The Risks of Detox Juicing

Despite what any avid cleanser tells you, there’s a variety of risks that debunk these myths. The first is that anyone who is diabetic, undergoing intense treatment, or with other nutritional deficiencies can easily make their problems worse with a juice cleanse. The high sugar content in juice can dangerously up blood-sugar levels for those with diabetes, the potassium and minerals can clog blood arteries for people with kidney issues, and low protein levels can pose a threat do anyone receiving chemotherapy.

Other cons are that you’ll miss out on key fiber found in whole foods, meaning you won’t feel as full as normal. You’ll also feel much hungry sooner and find emerging troubles with your skin, hair, and nails from the lack of essential fats that your body needs every day. While doing the cleanse for a few days won’t hurt you, you’ll also be likely to gain back the pounds you lose after the process as it’s only water weight. Like any yo-yo diet, the results are temporary and you’ll be bound to run into symptoms like dizziness, drowsiness, and an upset stomach from making such drastic changes to your diet.


The Right Cleanse

Drinking your calories instead of eating them naturally is not a healthy or long term solution to any fitness or weight loss question. Instead turn to eating healthy whole produce, avoiding anything processed from a factory, and detox with plenty of water. Not only will you save bucks from not buying loads of juice, but you’ll truly feel your energy and digestion improve. You’ll also find that your skin will rapidly clear up from being properly hydrated. Any nutrition regime is complemented by proper exercise, so we recommend choosing a time in your schedule to fit in a daily workout. You’ll feel stronger and better about treating your body with the respect it deserves!

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