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Fad Diets That Actually Backfire

Fad Diets That Actually Backfire

By Custom Kinetics | In News, Nutrition Tips | on February 22, 2016

We all know that one person (or maybe, we ARE that one person??) You know that one, the one who’s on a different diet every other month, now it’s the cabbage soup diet, now it’s the Atkins diet, now it’s the potato diet; whatever the diet it doesn’t seem to last for very long and makes the person feel defeated if they stop. What’s the right way to lose weight? Well, that doesn’t have a simple answer. No one person’s body is the same as anyone else’s and to assume that one diet fits all is a myth. It is true that eating right, making good choices, and consistently staying active is really the best way to keep the weight off,  but what of those crazy diets? Here are some of the craziest diet tricks that can actually backfire.


tiramisu2-fullCutting Out Sugar: It seems logical to cut out sugar when you’re trying to lose weight; we hear t all of the time how sugar is terrible for your body, and we agree. However, When clients are cutting out sugars from fruits it deprives your body of key nutrients. Fruit is loaded with antioxidants and curbs sugar cravings, keeping you more likely to stick to your low-sugar diet.


Focusing on One Food Group/Cutting Out an Entire Food Group: Paleo, Atkins, Vegan (for dieting purposes, not for life-change purposes) can be very restrictive, and deprive you from foods you may be craving. Even a gluten-free diet can be destructive if you’re not doing it for health reasons.  Cutting out carbs and focusing solely on meat denies your body key nutrients; it can also cause a host of new health issues such as gout. Do not begin an extremely restrictive diet without first consulting your doctor. You may have underlying health issues that can be exacerbated by the new diet you plan to follow.


Extreme Portion Control: There are so many 500-1000 calorie diets out there, and none of them are capable of giving you everything you need to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Too little calories will cause you to feel tired, unable to exercise, and weaken your immune system. There are so many foods you can eat in large portions, why should you only allow yourself no more than a teaspoon. Make smart choices and learn what foods you should eat copious amounts of and which ones to enjoy only on special occasions.


Calorie Counting: It’s big business out there for the calorie counting market; there are apps and programs, and entire companies that have profited from this ideal. We say STOP; calorie counting can be more harmful than helpful for some. The stress of having to count every bite of food and the anxiety forgetting can bring is not worth it in the end. Plus, we’ve suggested to ourpositive energy balance clients to up their calorie intake and have watched them lose weight. When you swap processed for fresh and eat good fats like almonds and avocados you’ll get the results you want!


Talk to us about what you ultimately want from your diet, and we’ll help you incorporate those good choices into the workout that suits you. 

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