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Fit After Fifty? Understanding Weight Loss After Menopause

Fit After Fifty? Understanding Weight Loss After Menopause

By Geoff Robison | In Fitness | on March 12, 2018

Fit After Fifty? Understanding Weight Loss After Menopause


If you’re a woman approaching late middle age, you’re probably already familiar with the trials of menopause. For many women, the period during and immediately following menopause is notable for an additional alarming reason: weight gain.


What’s more, conventional wisdom holds that that for post-menopausal women, shedding this newly acquired weight is simply impossible. But, as recent research suggests, the truth might be a little more complicated.


To find out more about post-menopause weight loss, check out this quick guide from Custom Kinetics.


Unexpected Weight Gain?


The first menopause myth to tackle? Weight gain is inevitable.


As discussed here by Bethany Barone Gibbs, a health researcher at The University of Pittsburgh, a recent study has indicated that menopausal weight gain is more likely a symptom of general middle-age, rather than menopause itself.


Not only were some women in the study able to make it through menopause without gaining weight, the participants who did gained nearly the same amount of weight as a control group of late middle-aged men.


Proper Fuel


Regardless of its cause, weight gain during and after menopause is still a challenge. The first step to shed these stubborn pounds? Proper nutrition. In fact, within the same study that found little direct connection between menopause and weight gain, researchers also observed the tremendous power of diet in keeping this middle aged weight off.


Post-menopausal women who greatly increased their intake of fruit, vegetables, and proteins while limiting sugar and dairy levels maintained a body weight much closer to their pre-menopausal number.


The Right Kind Of Personal Training


The second piece of the post-menopausal puzzle? Engaging in physical activity – alongside a professional.


Dr. Diana Fleming, a nutritionist and New York Times best-selling author, recently documented her battle to lose weight after menopause. Already following a diet designed for weight loss, Dr. Fleming developed a partnership with a personal trainer and soon found tremendous success in blending two types of exercise: high intensity training and strength training.


The key here? Get help from a personal trainer. A qualified trainer can help you design a workout plan and diet strategy that gets results.


Hidden Benefits


The best part about mixing in nutrition and exercise into your post-menopausal routine? You might be surprised.


A recent study from The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has shown a clear correlation between proper diet, exercise, and an effective management of menopause symptoms.


While working out and eating right won’t totally erase symptoms for women living through menopause, the study found that frequent physical activity alone was enough to greatly reduce hot flashes, even among women who had previously lived sedentary lifestyles.


The message? Diet and exercise can work wonders.


Get Help From An Expert


Whether you are just entering menopause or have come out of it ready for action, a personal trainer can help. Working with you on an individualized, one-on-one basis, a qualified training professional can design goals, assist with nutrition plans, and help you track your progress through the entire weight loss process.


At Custom Kinetics, a team of uniquely qualified experts awaits. With the latest technology and highest levels of certification, the Custom Kinetics team can help build a healthier you – no matter your age.


To get started, contact Custom Kinetics today!





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