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Fitness News

  • Invest In Your Long Term Health!

     Not everyone starts being a fitness junkie in their youth. You spend most of your life getting educated, getting a good job, maybe getting married and having kids; you’re living your life, and sometimes exercise just doesn’t fit into the equation. Here you are now, the kids have moved out, and you’re nearing retirement age, […]

  • The Right and WRONG Way To Work Out

    Where do we learn how to work out? Do we learn it from our parents? Do we learn it from the muscle heads in the weights area posing in front of the mirror while simultaneously ripping out a vein trying to do 100lb triceps reps? Do any of us REALLY know how to work out? […]

  • Working Out In Hot Weather-What You Should Know

    The weather has been scorching lately; between the humidity and the high heat, it’s easy to lose all motivation to work out. Although it’s hot and sticky, it’s actually a great time to be working out. Heat pushes you to a new level of fitness (Bikram Yoga anyone?)   Researchers from the University of Oregon […]

  • How To Push Through A Weight Loss Plateau

    You’ve been doing your darndest to lose weight and feel great, and look at you! You’re almost to your goal! Just 10 more pounds! Just. ten.more.pounds. Ugh.  You’ve been working out for weeks and can’t get those darn 10 pounds off! It can feel virtually impossible to push through your plateau and get to your […]

  • Don’t Miss A Beat While On Holiday! Out Of Town Work Out Tips

    School is over for some, and almost over for many, which means more relaxed time and more kid activities (whether you have kids or not!) more time spent outside by the pool and more excuses to not exercise. Some of you are incredibly committed and we commend you! We also don’t want you to lose […]

  • Don’t Do This At Home Or Before A Workout!

    We all know what we should do or at least want to do right before working out. You put on that LuLu Lemon or Under Armour workout clothes you just got, because it’s just as important to look good as it is to feel good, am I right? You get that playlist together of all […]

  • Dress Up Your Veggies

    Dress Up Your Veggies Forget the days as a child when you dreaded that heap of vegetables that your mother piled on your plate. Mushy peas? Overcooked green beans? Creamed spinach? No thanks. I personally love plain steamed vegetables, but if you need to dress yours up a bit, these easy recipes will add some […]

  • Maximize Your Fat Loss!

    Ever feel like you’ve been working out forEVER and STILL aren’t seeing results (or results you can see?) It could be that your workout strategy needs a bit of adjusting.  Are you doing the treadmill for 30 minutes a day, or the elliptical and not much else? We get it, you get into a habit […]

  • Go Ahead; Cheat Your Way To Health!

    Ok, maybe you can’t exactly cheat, but just knowing you’re going to have to put on less clothes can make many want to hide under a pillow until the weather gets below 50 degrees again. It’s ok, we all gain some weight in the winter, don’t beat yourself up over it. You do want to […]

  • Don’t Threaten Your Workout With Doritos!

    We all do it; we feel spongy, so we work out, but that’s not enough, so we start eating healthy, and when we see results, we relax our workout regimen, and soon we’re feeling spongy again, and so on and so forth. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop the vicious circle and curb cravings before […]