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How To Lose Weight With a Sluggish Thyroid

How To Lose Weight With a Sluggish Thyroid

By Custom Kinetics | In Fitness | on September 18, 2015

Growing old can suck. There’s no nice way to put it! Your body stops working the way it once did, and health issues you would never have dreamed of start to come to fruition. One of the perils of being a grownup (which we point out due to the high level of those affected being over the age of 25) is an under active thyroid.


Body Fat PicUnder active thyroids can stem from birth defects, low iodine levels, related to autoimmune diseases (which is largely the case, and are generally an effect of Hashimoto’s Disease).  An under active thyroid leads to weakness, fatigue, and weight gain along with a host of issues. When you’re already overweight, it can be an uphill challenge when faced with a sluggish metabolism.


There is hope for an under active thyroid in the form of aerobic exercise, strength training and certain yoga poses.


Aerobic exercises can be a slippery slope; too much exertion will exhaust your thyroid, too little will have zero effect. Consistent exercise such as running, jumping rope, bicycling or medium impact aerobics has enough intensity to motivate you and stimulate your metabolism.



Establishing a rotating circuit of aerobics with strength training will serve you well. Build muscle in your lower body, core and upper body. Consider pushups that will work your chest, shoulders and back; lunges for your legs, weights for your arms, and crunches to build your core. Don’t push yourself to exhaustion (you may already have a low level of energy; you don’t want to overextend your thyroid).


There are certain yoga poses that one with an under active thyroid can benefit from. There is actually a yoga pose that benefits the thyroid. Lie Personal Trainingflat on your back and keep your feet together. Raise your legs up and over till your toes are (possibly) touching the floor behind your head. The weight of your body will be on your shoulders, upper back and neck. This pose should be held for a full two minutes to begin feeling the effects. This move, the sarvangasan, is extremely beneficial to your thyroid, and can be utilized as part of your overall yoga activity.


If you are suffering from an under active thyroid, or a disease that is affecting your thyroid, share your struggle with us so that we can tailor your workout according to your needs. Share your desired goals with your doctor/nutritionist as well as the workout we plan for you to make sure you stay within your health parameters.


It doesn’t have to be a losing battle when your thyroid isn’t working quite the way it used to. You can still enjoy your adult years just like you were a kid again; we can help! 

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