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Making Exercise a Habit-Part One

Making Exercise a Habit-Part One

By Custom Kinetics | In Fitness | on October 19, 2015

It’s easy to tell someone they need to set an exercise regimen, we should know. The first step is wanting to make the change, then to seek out the avenue in which you want to make that change. It’s quite common to get started and do really well for the first week or so, then wane as the time wears on. A habit takes three times to create, and six week s to break; it’s an uphill struggle. So, how do you set a habit of working out and stick with it?


Strength TrainingYou know yourself better than anyone. If you normally wake up at 7:30, start waking up at 7, and then start waking up at 6:30, eventually working your way to 6 (or whatever times work for you to get your workout in). Lay out your workout clothes the night before to save time and help you get out the door quickly. If you work out first thing in the morning, you will get that sweat session in without the hectic-ness the day can bring. Resist the snooze button too; research shows hitting the snooze button can actually make you even more tired.


Get up and go, and keep going for a full six weeks. This can seem like a majorly daunting task, but it’s the amount of time your body needs in order to change and for your mind to consider it a part of your routine day. Any less than that, and you set yourself up for failure. After six weeks, you’ll see that change, and you’ll feel the difference if you miss a day, so soldier through and do your best to make it to that six week mark!


Now, no one is telling you you have to spend these six weeks doing something you don’t want to do. If you aren’t a runner, now is not the time to take up running. However, if you really like to dance, or enjoy a good, holistic stretch in yoga, consider doing a workout that incorporates these things. You want to look forward to a workout, not dread it. Otherwise the time will seem like forever while you’re trying to forge a habit. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, so have fun while you obtain your goal!


Then again, it’s easier said than done when the devil lives inside of you and is offering you a couch and cake. If you know you can’t do it alone, hire a trainer. We know what it takes to get you to theCustomKinetics0382 (800x532) next level and will hold you accountable if you show up with chocolate crumbs on your shirt. The positive reinforcement you get from a trainer will motivate you to want more. Think you can’t afford it? Why not give us a call and let us guide you in what you need in just a few sessions to set yourself up for the long road to your goal.

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