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Stuck In A Gym Rut?

Stuck In A Gym Rut?

By Custom Kinetics | In Fitness | on December 4, 2015

Routine. It’s a word that makes some people cringe, and others relish. Not everyone is a creature of habit, and that’s ok. But when the routine begins to become a chore, the joy you once felt will be completely sucked out of you. We understand, life is full of to-do lists. Balancing work and life and everything that comes with it can be tiring, and sometimes just looking at your gym bag shoved in the back seat makes you want to take a nap instead. Everyone experiences it. Perhaps you’ve even gotten to the point where you go to the gym just for the sake of going to the gym and check it off your list. Your health shouldn’t be a chore; it should be something you enjoy doing. To do that, you have to change your point of view.


Right now, you think of going to the gym as part of your daily routine, and maybe you say, ‘Ok, I’m going to jump on the treadmill for thirty minutes to fulfill my daily exercise’ so you pop in your earbuds, and do your walk/run/foxtrot, get off and go home. Is there any satisfaction in that? If you’re not feeling less stressed, if your heart’s not in it, what’s the point?


20130113-750_minStart setting a timer. You have 30 minutes to get in everything you need. You’ve set yourself a challenge, and ready, get set, go! Having a pinpointed allotted time is a call to action that says to your brain, ‘Do as much as you can, you only have X amount of time!’ It may even be just 10 minutes, but if 10 minutes are all you can spare, make the most of it! A workout is a stress-reliever; a gift you give your mental and physical health. Seeing a workout in this way may take the ‘chore’ out of the routine.


Speaking of routine, are you going to the gym, getting on the elliptical, working out for 20 minutes, moving to the treadmill for 20 minutes, and going home, every day? Do you think doing the same thing every day is boring? We do too! Mix it up a bit, and take a plunge into the area of the gym you’ve never ventured in to before. Find a new routine, ask us what we suggest to switch it up and make working out exciting again. There was a time you were excited, we know you were, we just need to find that spark that makes you wanting (not obligated) to come back.


At the end of the day, we’re all human; life can sweep us away and sometimes, all we have is time for a 3 minute shower. It’s ok. The gym isn’t a daily debt you have to pay. The gym is your gift to CustomKinetics0083 (426x640)yourself. Working out is the gift you give to your body. Dedication to your overall health is essential, however, it’s not mandatory if you’ve got deadlines to reach, and are just plum tired.


Set up your appointment today to discuss what your schedule is like and how you can incorporate health into your daily routine. Health is not a chore, it’s a choice, and we will support you every step of the way.

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