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The Buddy System: Who’s The Best Person To Work Out With?

The Buddy System: Who’s The Best Person To Work Out With?

By Geoff Robison | In Fitness | on April 15, 2018

The Buddy System: Who’s The Best Person To Work Out With?

New gym clothes and a water bottle. A perfectly tuned playlist. A well-designed workout plan. What more could you need?

If your visits to the gym, running track, or studio seem a little – lonely – you might benefit from adding a workout partner to your routine. While inviting a friend, loved one, or even a relative stranger to join you for an hour of sweat might seem a little intimidating – the tangible benefits just might surprise you.

So, who is the best person to workout with? For some answers, check out this guide from the personal training experts at Custom Kinetics.

Consider The Advantages

First things first, working out with a partner just makes sense. Aside from giving you an extra level of accountability (no more missing those early morning sessions!), a workout partner can help push you over the edge. With the inherent (and friendly) level of competition brought on by having someone with you, you’re sure to reach those fitness goals just a little quicker.

The important part? Selecting a workout buddy that’s right for you.

Choose Your (Workout) Friends Wisely

Once you’ve decided to make a workout connection, choosing who, exactly, to invite can be the tricky part.

As discussed recently in Psychology Today, there are certainly gym buddy pitfalls to avoid. For one, experts say, scheduling is something to consider. If you and your friend have opposing work, school, or family time schedules, there is a good chance you’ll be able to find excuses for missed workouts.

Another thing to keep in mind: levels. If you and your friend—turned gym buddy- are at differing levels of fitness, commitment, and even attitude, the results likely won’t be good. The key is to find a friend (or anyone else) who shares your overall gym “outlook.”

Significant Others?

Something else to note: significant others. For many, working out with significant others can seem like the easy choice. Your schedules likely match up, you (probably) share similar dispositions, and you might even live together.

But, as experts caution, working out with romantic partners can present problems. For one, seeing the person you work out with all the time can make working out seem like a “secondary activity.” With arguments and disagreements following you into the gym, the likelihood of serious roadblocks is increased.

Find Yourself In A Crowd

While having one workout partner might seem like the only choice, group fitness classes present an interesting alternative.

As profiled by NBC news, recent research has found that group classes – those led by an instructor and filled with strangers – are the most effective in terms of working out with others. The “tribe” mentality fostered in a setting like this can help you achieve consistency, set goals, and generally stay on your fitness track. Who knows, you might also find a new friend! Luckily, Custom Kinetics has a group fitness program on Wednesday evenings so you can come out, do some yoga, and meet new friends!

Workout With The Professionals

Of course, the very best person to workout with is someone who knows a thing or two about fitness. A well-trained and experienced personal trainer can guide you through workouts, design health plans, and help keep you focused.

The friendly personal training staff at Custom Kinetics knows how important proper guidance is when it comes to health and wellness. These trainers are ready to help you meet your fitness goals.

To get started, contact Custom Kinetics today!


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