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5 Ways to Get Over the Dreaded Weight-Loss Plateau

5 Ways to Get Over the Dreaded Weight-Loss Plateau

By Geoff Robison | In News | on December 27, 2017

Get Over the Weight-Loss Plateau with these 5 Easy Tips


So you have been eating healthier, working out harder, and dropping weight steadily when suddenly … BAM! .. you hit the wall. Now it seems no matter how well you eat and workout the scale is stuck at a number you just can’t seem to budge. Perhaps you have reached a level where your body prefers to maintain its current weight, but more than likely you have reached a weight-loss plateau that requires a bit of an adjustment on your part to get over hump. Here are five ways to top the plateau:


Weight-Loss Plateau Tip 1: Workout Adjustment

Many weight-loss newcomers find an exercise they are most comfortable with to get started, and it works so they stick with it. That’s fine for those looking to drop a few pounds because their jeans are a little snug, but for those tackling larger weight-loss goals it can be a recipe for hitting a rut. Over time your body grows accustomed to the same old workout and your routine becomes less effective, even if you increase the number of reps you do or the amount of time you invest. It may be time to switch things up, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Now that you have lost weight and are in better shape, those workouts that used to intimidate you will make it easier to mix it up and drop more pounds.


Weight-Loss Plateau Tip 2: Dietary Changes

Dropping weight was easier back when you first started eating healthy; there was plenty of extra junk in your body’s trunk to discard. But now that you have been eating right and working out regularly, your body may have struck a happy balance between the amount of calories you consume and how many you burn off. Your new, lower metabolism rate requires less food to fuel your fitter body, so try switching to foods that are easier for your body to burn. According to health.com, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat diary and even spicy peppers provide your body with clean-burning fuels for more efficient weight loss.


Weight-Loss Plateau Tip 3: Proper Hydration

The symptoms of dehydration can be similar to those of hunger, sending your body mixed signals that it needs to eat when it really wants a drink. Now that you have been working out regularly, you are losing more fluids and require more water or low-calorie beverages to maintain a healthy hydration point. Healthline.com recommend consuming 8 to 10 8-ounce glasses of water daily, but you may need to increase those levels to compensate for the increased water-weight loss you have experienced over the previous weeks and months, as well as the fluids you expend in your workouts. Staying properly hydrated can help you get over the hump.


Weight-Loss Plateau Tip 4: Sleep it Off

Whoever thought you could actually lose weight by getting a good night’s sleep? Experts now know the major roles that rest and recovery play in your weight-loss journey. A lack of sleep can throw a monkey wrench into your plans to drop more pounds because your body’s natural hormones are working against you. A full 8 to 9 hours of sleep allows your body to reset its hormone levels that can affect the way we process food intake. A lack of sleep triggers an increase in cortisol, a stress hormone that tells us we are hungry when we shouldn’t be, and leads to a buildup of fat in the midsection. Catch some Zzzs, and drop some LBs.


Weight-Loss Plateau Tip 5: Personal Trainer

The primary reason for hitting a weight-loss plateau could be a combination of the above factors, or something else you are missing. If your car breaks down you call a mechanic; when your fridge is on the fritz, you call a repairman; so when you body gets stuck in a similar rut, try as personal trainer. Experts in the field can recognize the reasons behind your weight-loss plateau and help you make the necessary adjustments. Custom Kinetics focuses on small group training, one-on-one training, buddy training, and yoga classes, with a staff dedicated to helping you meet or exceed your weight-loss goals.


Custom Kinetics is also launching its new online fitness design and nutritional counseling program for both clients and non-clients to find out what combination of exercise and caloric intake works best for you personally. It can also help pull you through those pesky weight-loss plateaus. Visit us today at www.customkinetics.


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