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When Is It Time to See a Corrective Exercise Specialist?

By Geoff Robison | In Fitness | on January 22, 2019

When Is It Time to See a Corrective Exercise Specialist?


Curious about how corrective exercise can benefit you? Corrective exercise aims to address each individual’s biomechanical needs by combining elements of human physiology, biomechanics, and physics. Cumulative stress has effects on the body which corrective exercise seeks to relieve. It aims to help people restore and maintain mobility, stability, and balance. You may have heard the term previously without exactly knowing what it means or what it’s used for. It’s recently been gaining more popularity, and we’d like to provide some basic information about when it’s time to see a corrective exercise specialist.


Injury Repair


One of the prime reasons people begin seeing a corrective exercise specialist is for injury rehabilitation. By using aspects of both physical therapy and personal training, corrective exercise specialists are able to provide specialized care and training to help injured athletes regain strength, balance, and movement in their bodies. An injury doesn’t have to be serious for you to benefit from corrective exercise—minor aches and pains can be relieved as well, while simultaneously increasing muscle mass.


Bad Posture & Balance


While it can be used to assist with the recovery process, corrective exercise just as beneficial for anyone interested in getting the maximum benefits from exercise while prolonging some effects of the natural aging process. Posture and balance are often the first functions to dwindle as we age, and corrective exercise can help people regain some of what has been lost. Corrective exercise specialists help clients perform static stretches and neuromuscular stretches that will improve posture and balance over time.


Muscle Limitation


If you’re experiencing any issues with muscle movements, you may want to consider seeing a corrective exercise specialist. These issues can include joint problems as well as insufficient body mechanics and muscle problems. Certified specialists can assist with many types of muscle issues, including tension, soreness, and range of motion. Over time, they’ll help you improve your muscle patterns and gain increased total-body strength.


These are only a few of the most common reasons people see a corrective exercise specialist. This form of training can be highly beneficial to many people in various ways. Custom Kinetics is dedicated to providing the highest quality corrective exercise training to all of our clients. If you’d like to learn more about your options, reach out to us.

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