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Who Are YOU? Weight-Loss After-Effects   

Who Are YOU? Weight-Loss After-Effects   

By Custom Kinetics | In Fitness | on September 28, 2015

 When people come to us, it’s to lose weight or gain muscle, or both. We assess their needs and provide attention and support every step of the way. Some only have a short distance to their goals, and some have quite the journey. We have learned over the years, the longer the road to your success-meaning the more you have to lose-the more difficult it can be to be comfortable in your own skin.


Andy TDon’t get us wrong, there are many who are thrilled to lose the weight, or get the muscular build they desire and go on with their lives per usual, but there are those who feel the challenge of this new body, and a new type of attention coupled with the shadow of their former selves following them wherever they go.


Keep these points in mind when you’re on your journey to a new you:


If you had self-image issues or emotional issues before, the weight-loss isn’t going to make them magically disappear. Heal yourself on the inside while you work on your outside. The pain you felt while overweight is still there. Deal with underlying issues and work your way through them.


Many times a large loss of weight will change your relationships. If your partner is heavy and you are now svelte, your partner may begin to resent you or pressure you to go back to your unhealthy ways. Work through these issues and give him or her the support they need to see you through your transition with the possibility of them making a life altering choice for health as well. The same goes for your friends. Be prepared for the possibility of your relationships shifting and subsiding due to your new attitude. The saying is true, ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ and if your friends are true they will support you on your journey of self-discovery post weight-loss.


Adversely, you may find your new, positive attitude invites new relationships. Be open to these people who are approaching you and your new find way of life. Positive begets positive; negative begets negative. Celebrate your new you, and your new found relationships.


Lastly, make sure you change your patterns to keep your body looking its best for years to come. If you were an emotional eater, chances are that person is still somewhere in there. Adopt new, different ways to deal with your emotions or stressful situations that are more focused on your health and less on your plate.


A heavily restrictive diet of a low caloric intake, or one that takes out a whole group like carbs or meat not only raises health risks, it also raises the possibility of binge-eating and can slow your neutral energy balancemetabolism. Eating all the right foods in moderation is your best line of success.


Ask us how to plan ahead before you go on your long journey of reshaping your body and your life to make sure there’s a rainbow at the end of your weight-loss trail!

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