We can help you determine the membership option that will best suit your needs. That recommendation can best be made after going through our assessment and screening process. During this process we will have a detailed discussion of your individual goals and specific needs in order to set you up for success.

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Do you really offer a 100% money back guarantee?

Yes we do! We believe in our training, and your hard work so much that we back up your investment with a money back guarantee for all of our training programs.

  • Our training programs and results are based on the partnership between us and our clients. Our money back guarantee is an agreement that outlines the expectations that we have of ourselves and all of our clients.
  • We ask for the courtesy of 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of a training session. If no notice or notification is received within this 24-hour window, the client will forfeit that session.
  • Any changes and modifications to the agreement (cancellations, freezes) need to be made in writing (email) 48 hours prior to the billing date to ensure that the adjustments can be made to the account without problems.
  • All training programs will continue on a month to month basis after completion of the initial term.
  • Since the training rate is determined by the level and length of commitment, cancellation within the initial term will be subject to a small cancellation fee and being back billed at our base rate for all sessions rendered.
  • Cancellation outside of the initial term can happen at any time and without penalty.


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