“With Geoff’s coaching and partnership, I was able to compete in another fitness competition, overcome an injury that was affecting my daily quality of life, and became stronger and more confident than I have ever been. I am proud to continue to work with Custom Kinetics to grow as an athlete and to continue to reach personal fitness goals!!”
– J.S.

“I am a personal trainer so I don’t necessarily need to train with Geoff. However, like many things in life, some things are better when someone else is pushing you. When I sat down to write this testimonial, I thought, easy, Geoff is awesome and smart and knows what he is doing, he is accredited through various certifications and has been doing this for years. But that is not why I train with him. I train with Geoff because he brings the best out in me, every time, even when I don’t want to be my best. Geoff makes me want to do my best, he makes me want to push myself and he makes me want to be the best version of myself I can be. He doesn’t yell (well, occasionally, but that is my fault) and he doesn’t get angry, he is calm and steady and just tells me what to do and how to do it right and to do it again until I am at my best. He is consistent and reliable and you always know what you are going to get with him, and that is, the best trainer you could ever have.”
– B.R.

“Writing this I am thirty years old. For 26 years of my life I refused any kind of exercise and despised all foods deemed healthy. Soon, everything I heard women older than me complain about became my reality. I knew I had to make some serious changes, but I didn’t have the slightest idea how. I met with a few personal trainers, but I didn’t get the impression that they knew how to guide me to a more educated and better way of living. I was referred to Geoff by a mutual friend and immediately, he began by trying to get to know me, my abilities, my past and current lifestyle, my goals, and my expectations from training. I could tell that he truly enjoys what he does. Within three months I saw results I never would have thought possible. This motivated me further to see how far in the fitness world I could get.
The things I respect the most about Geoff is his desire to continue educating himself in fitness, health, and exercise, his ability to tap into what motivates a person and use that to push them to reach their goals, and his flexibility to adapt to my goals as they change. No matter what I throw at him, he continuously responds with a thorough, thought out plan to get me where I want to be.”
– N.S.

“Before working out with Geoff, I was very sick and was 60 pounds overweight. With my doctor’s encouragement, I hired Geoff as my personal trainer and he took charge of getting me physically healthy since I was too weak to do it myself. I learned that Geoff’s college degree and vast experience helped me progress as rapidly as was wise for my condition. I never got hurt and never got too tired to workout. I improved steadily in proper nutrition, strength building, cardio fitness and flexibility. In 6 months, I’d become trim and fit but that wasn’t the end – working out to stay in shape is a lifelong commitment. I continued to get stronger and, as can be seen in the photo, did not become bulky with too much muscle (photo with Geoff). However, I had become uncommonly fit and strong for someone of 60 years so, just for fun, I competed in powerlifting (photo squatting). Sure I won because there were no other women in my age bracket, but where were they? Many my age already had poor posture, aching joints, and a sedentary lifestyle. I maintain my fitness with Geoff and have that priceless feeling of youth and energy. The workouts are always interesting and challenging in addition to being at the forefront of fitness science. I went from feeling old, achy and weak to fit and youthful, just by showing up for my regular workouts with Geoff. He has the knowledge and patient encouragement to get clients to their goals. All you have to do is sign up and show up!”
– P.A.

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